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WADO-RS-Frames* Uncompressed
1. Anonymize

By default, the DICOMcloud server will anonymize all DICOM datasets with default values for:

  1. Patient ID (0010,0020): "Dcloud.Anonymized"
  2. Patient Name (0010,0010) "Dcloud^Anonymized"

In order to change these values with your own, you must use a unique Patient ID that doesn't already exists on the server with your preffered Patient Name

2. Store

Browse and upload your DICOM files to store them on the DICOMcloud WADO server using the STOW–RS service then use the “Query & Retrieve” tab to search for your studies, series and instances, and retrieve them on the client using the QIDO-RS, WADO-RS and WADI-URI services


*You can upload up to 4 DICOM files at one time

100% Complete
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DICOM files will be anonymized by the DICOMcloud server according to the DICOM confidentiality Basic Profile with the following options:

  1. Retain Patient Characteristics Option (e.g. Ethnic Group, Patient’s Age, Patient’s Sex, Size, Weight…)
  2. Retain UIDs (e.g. Study Instance UID, Series Instance UID, SOP Instance UID…)
  3. Retain Longitudinal Temporal information with Full Dates Options (e.g. Study Date/Time, Series Date/Time…)

For more information about the DICOM confidentiality Basic Profile, you can refer to the DICOM spec "Attribute Confidentiality Profiles"

Note: Information that is burned into the image pixel data will NOT be removed.
Stored files might be deleted at any time without notice
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